When it comes down to negotiation, you need to understand that there are two ways to really do it.

You have to look at somebody as your adversary.

They may be your friend. They may not be your friend. They may be an ex-wife or an ex-husband. They may be somebody you’re negotiating for a job with.

They may be somebody that you’re negotiating to buy a car with.

Negotiation takes place on all levels, and there are two essential keys to negotiation that are going to allow you to get the result that you desire.

Negotiation tip #1: Vague street

Taking somebody down vague street is a very important part of negotiation.

You state your needs, wants and desires. You don’t get emotional at all. You don’t let them know that you’re pissed off, you’re angry with them, or anything else.

You just state the facts.

By stating the facts, it is actually very concise, but it’s also very vague, and let me explain why.

When you negotiate, you want to make sure you state every fact. What you want, what you desire, and why that works for you.

You want to take out any emotions because emotions will allow the person to come back at you and manipulate you one more time.

You see, when you’re precise about what you want, and you don’t give them anything to chomp on emotionally, it takes them down vague street because there are two kinds of negotiators.

1. The Manipulator

The manipulator is someone who preys on your emotions, and manipulates using children, money, or anything to get to you.

It can be a simple car deal, and they can literally manipulate you into a car because they can give you the fear of loss. There are so many different ways to really look at some negotiation.

2. The Attacker

And the second one is the attacker. They will find the one thing to attack in the e-mail that you send them, or the words that you use, and they will attack on that point until they are able to go back and re-manipulate you, or make you feel bad for them, or feel bad for the situation.

So when you’re negotiating you need to really stay vague. Take all of your emotions out of things.

The reason why is negotiation tip number two.

Negotiation tip #2: The speculation super highway

The more vague you are, the more they’re going to speculate, especially if you’re up against a manipulator.

If you’re up against a manipulative person in negotiation, they can literally just see you do something and no words will be spoken, and they will go down the speculation super highway. Manipulators are not fair negotiators.

Manipulators are very self-centered. Every negotiation is based on not what’s best for a situation, but what’s best for them manipulator.

And when you’re dealing with a manipulator in negotiations, you want to take them down the speculation super highway.

The crazier they become, the more paranoid they become. The more paranoid they become, the more they’re going to eventually cave in because they don’t know what you’re doing next.

A manipulator hates going down speculation super highway, but they always do that because if you’re no longer being pressed by the buttons that they’re throwing at you — meaning you’re no longer allowing them to press your buttons — you’re no longer allowing them to manipulate you. You’re no longer reacting to their emotional words. You’re no longer getting emotional. You’re just being very clear, very concise, and very vague about how you’re feeling.

That, in turn, takes them down the speculation super highway because the only trick they know how to do when it comes down to negotiation is manipulation.

You see, manipulators are fearful people. Manipulators usually know deep down somewhere in their narcissistic being that they probably can’t win, and their ego doesn’t allow that. They need to win. They need to be right. They have a sense of being right. So they’re always looking for your weak point.

When you don’t show your weak point, you allow them to go down the speculation super highway because they’re trying to find a new weak point, and if you don’t show any weak point then there’s nothing they can do but actually learn that they actually are not going to win everything.

They’re going to have to compromise, and that’s the worst thing for them. They learned somewhere somehow that if you manipulate somebody you’re going to win, and winning is better for them because losing means that their ego can’t handle it and compromise is something they’re not very good at.

So less is more here. Take them down speculation super highway. Allow themselves to drive themselves crazy, and then eventually they’re going to cave because they no they can no longer push down your emotional buttons. It means staying strong when you’re dealing with somebody in negotiation. The stronger you remain, the greater chance you have of getting the negotiation and settlement in whatever it is that you’re looking for.