As you know, running your errands provides endless opportunities to meet the people to whom you are most attracted. The problem is that when a lot of people are out running their errands, that they start thinking too much about what they should be doing and saying to meet people.

In reality, there are only a few things in life on which you are an expert, but one of those things is your errands. You’re an expert at your errands — and about the places you go time and time again as part of your errands.

How many times have you been to that same supermarket? You’ve been there and seen those women you’re attracted to a thousand times.

How many times have you run into Starbucks to get your morning coffee and seen that woman you’re attracted to also getting hers. How many times have you ordered coffee there? You’re an expert there.

How many times do you go to the dry cleaner, the library or a bookstore? If you think about it, you can see all the places in which you are already an expert where you can be meeting people.

You know the history of those places. You may have been shopping at Ralph’s for ten years, and you know that the donuts that are the shelves on Tuesdays are different than the donuts they put on the shelf on Thursdays.

How To Meet Men At The Supermarket

So why aren’t you meeting people in these places? The problem is that you get into these places and you go right into your head . . . and inside your head is a bad neighborhood.

The worst block in that neighborhood is at the intersection of Fear Avenue and Insecure Boulevard. It’s a horrible place.

It’s not only bad, but the traffic lights never work. Everybody is stuck right in the middle of it. No one knows which car should go first, which person should walk, and which person should turn right or left.

So if you are stuck at that intersection of Fear Avenue and Insecure Boulevard, what do you do about it? You become the leader.

You realize that you are an expert in that intersection. You’ve already been through that intersection a million times. So you need to bring yourself back to the moment, and really grind into your head where you are.

So if you are at Ralph’s and you see a woman standing there staring at the donut boxes, just take a second to look around, observe and realize you’ve eaten donuts your entire life. You’ve dreamed of donuts even before you could eat donuts. (I hope you’ve figured out that donuts is just the analogy here.)

You’re in a place where you are truly an expert. So really allow your brain to process all the signals that are going on around you, and then speak with authority.

I don’t care if you walk up and just say something like, “I like the white powdered sugar ones better, but really what are you in the mood for?” Whatever you say, just say it with authority. Speak with clarity and passion in your voice.

You’re an expert at the places you go to run your errands, but you refuse to use your brain and state the obvious with confidence. You are an expert in all these places, and yet you spend the whole time in them inside your head wondering what to do and say that is clever.

The truth is that nobody is smarter than you are in the places you go to run your errands. So take advantage of that!