Ugly DucklingIn my email newsletters, one of the things I always talk about is beauty. I always talk about beautiful women, and about how beautiful you all are. But what is the definition of beauty?

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and it’s true. What I think is beautiful, other guys may not, and visa-versa. Every woman, (and man for that matter) has a ton of people on this planet who would be attracted to them. Everyone’s definition of beauty is different.

When you go to Walmart on a Saturday, you’ll see people who look just like you. If you look, a lot of them are married and there with their spouse. They’re walking around with someone who thinks they’re beautiful. You go to Costco and you see people who look just like you. They’re also walking around with someone who thinks they’re beautiful. It’s a great exercise, and I urge anyone who feels insecure to try it out. If you don’t feel attractive, go to Walmart, or Costco, or K-Mart, and take a look at all the women with rings on their finger.

If you’re wondering what inspired this blog, I received an email last week from a young lady reader. Here’s what she said…


You always talk about how beautiful we are, but I’m not beautiful.

Guys or girls never compliment me, I never get crushed on, and nobody ever asks me out. Nobody ever tells me I’m beautiful. I’m sure if I talked to a guy he’s just look at me like I’m insane and think, “OMG, why is this ugly freak talking to me?”

I never turn heads, nor will I ever be the girl you get all giddy around because you happen to sit next to me on an airplane. You’d just look at me plainly and think nothing of me. Plus my personality isn’t what men desire either. Guys always go after the loud, confident, beautiful, perfect sluts, and always pass up a girl like me. I guess I’m too boring and a bland personality. I’m not attractive or slutty enough to ever have someone fall in love with me.

I’m the ugly friend. The ugly sibling of five sisters. I’m the ugly everything inside and out. I just wanted to let you know not all women have it so easy. We’re not all stunning girls.”

David Says…

Life is all about attitude. I’m sure there are tons of men who would want to date you, but not until you turn your energy on. You have to smile. You have to feel good about yourself. There’s nothing uglier than someone who thinks they’re ugly. When you think you’re ugly you close off emotionally. You shut off your energy.

If you want to meet someone you need to start feeling better about yourself. Try the exercise I told you about at the start of this blog. Go to Walmart, Target, or Costco. Look at all the women there. Look at these women, and I guarantee they look just like you. Look at their hands. I guarantee half of them have a ring on their finger. Someone thinks they’re beautiful. All these women found a man because they were open to it. You need to be open. And you need to calm down. Stop driving yourself crazy. Relax, look around, and you’ll realize you’re far more attractive than you believe.