WPUAS By David Wygant

Happy memorial day to everyone.

Today we are going to lose all routines forever, check out the video below. But first do women talk in a secret code like men?

So many men have been tortured by pick-up artist material – they see a woman and they have to go in and think about 17 different things – instead of just realizing that all you need to do is observe what a woman is doing. What is she doing? Where are you? What is she doing – is she eating? Do you want a bite of her food?

Are you in a museum and is she looking at a picture? You want to elicit an emotion – go up to her and ask, “what do you think about that guy with the sheep hair?” if the guy in the painting has one of those old wigs from the 1700s.

If you listen to some of the crap that’s all over the internet – The Phantom and all the other dating methods that are out there – you have to think about escalating. How do you escalate – how do you sexually escalate?

Let me tell you something – do you think a group of women ever sit around and say:

“Hey Jill?”
“Yes, Mary?”
“How do we escalate our conversations with men? Can we escalate?”

Do you think women actually use these terms? In the pick-up industry there is something called ‘puas’ – pick-up artists. Are there ‘wpuas’ – women pick-up artists? No – they don’t sit there and use this terminology. I can’t even imagine women sitting around and talking about escalation.

Women would never say this: “how do we get them to escalate? What do I say to him in the first minute to get him to escalate this so that they like me? How do I create an emotional response in him in the first minute?”

How do you create an emotional response in a woman? You fucking listen! Women want you to listen. That’s all they want you to do – they want you to listen to them. They don’t want anything else.

I’ve said this a thousand times – walk up to a woman and do three things. Walk up and observe: what is she doing? Where is she? Is there something you can comment on? Is there something with which you can bond with her?

After you make the comment on something you’ve observed, you listen. If you listen to her, and you go in there with energy, and you smile and you’re having a good time – you go in and say it like you own those words – she’ll get turned on. You own those words, instead of going over there and saying, “excuse me…” like a little wimp. That ‘excuse me’ terminology doesn’t work.

Escalation my ass! The only thing that escalates is an escalator. You don’t need to escalate – all you need to do is listen, smile, be excited about her, and you will turn her on.

Otherwise, they would have something called wpuas – women pick-up artists. There should be a website – wpua.com. I’d love to see women hang out on the internet with funny nicknames. Can you imagine a woman dating expert, how much fun she would be?

She would be called ‘The Manstigator’ – manstigatormethod.com. Can you imagine if women sat around and said:

“oh my god, you study the Manstigator method? That’s unbelievable! But the Manstigator method doesn’t talk about escalation the right way – I heard that the Manny method…”
“The Mannie method? M-a-n-n-i-e?”
“No, no, no – I know M-a-n-n-y, the other one.”
“Oh – there are two Mannies? Wow…”

Can you imagine if women had nicknames and dating experts, how funny that would be? “The Manny Method: the Manny Method teaches you a four-prong method to get a man to be excited about you in four ways.” Think about how funny that would be!

Can you imagine that instead of Keno, there was a woman’s version of Keno? Keno is the thing in Vegas, the card game that they play. “Keno? Keno? Keno?”

Come on guys, stop trying to nickname everything and grow up. Start becoming men, and learn that you escalate a woman the second that you walk over and say hello. It’s a Hugh Grant romantic comedy right from the get-go. From the second you walk over to her, you basically create a moment in her mind.

This is why you talk about what she’s already doing and it will be this serendipitous, incredible moment, and she’ll start thinking, oh my god, he understands me! If you’re interested in her, and you’re excited about her, guess what you’ve done? You’ve escalated.

And here we are: we did this blog in the London Portrait Gallery! We’re in the Portrait Gallery where I just proved to two guys from London who said you can’t meet somebody in a museum – and how many women have we met in here guys?

Client: Two. No, three if you count the French woman. And the woman that was into the portraits!

David: Yeah, let’s go meet some more portraits in here!

And it’s really quiet in here too; you didn’t think we’d be able to record a blog in a museum, did you? Remember what you said to me? You said, “man, you can’t talk to people in the Portrait Gallery?” Not only have we talked to people, but we also recorded a blog in the Portrait Gallery! There’s so much you can do in this Gallery.

So let’s go back to hitting on REAL portraits. That’s another great one – ‘hitting on’ women. What are you going to do, slug her in the face? “Oh man, I just hit on somebody,” “really? Let me see your knuckles – oh man, they’re all bloody! You really did hit on her!”

Todays video will show you how to become that natural confident man that women desire.

Lose the routines forever.