Are You A “Look At Me?” by David Wygant

Guys, take a minute and answer these questions:

• Are you a man who has spent minimal time understanding the art of attracting women?
• Are you a successful man who had spent your twenties working really hard so you can have a lot of money and then get the woman?
• Do you drive around in an expensive car, thinking and hoping that car will help you get the girl?
• Do you invite your friends over to your big house for a party, so that women will see where you live and think “Wow, he’s got a lot of cash?”
• Are you the guy when you go to the bar who buys the bottle of expensive booze so people can drink for free and admire you?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you’re a “look at me.”

You’re the guy who thought that as soon as you had money, you’d find a woman who actually wants to hang with you because of who you are. What happened in reality, though, is you’re getting a bunch of gold diggers and losers. The reason why this is happening is because despite all of this money, you’ve still not worked on your belief system . . . and the one thing you’ve been cheap about is your personal development.

You spend your money on material objects and all you get, as Madonna once sang about, are “material girls.” You crave deeper connections with women, yet you refuse to hire somebody like myself to coach you because of your excessively large ego.

You think by hiring a dating coach, that you will look like a loser. The truth is that men and women who hire dating coaches are winners. They realize that they’ve not been able to attract the person they want on their own, and they’re strong enough to admit that they can’t do this on their own. They desire to have a life that is full of love and happiness, and are actually taking the steps to make that happen.

A lot of you spend so much time on your “outer stuff.” You will hire a personal trainer to make your body look great, but you won’t hire a trainer to work on your mindset and your dating skills. Hiring a trainer, whether it be for your body or your mind, is not something done only by those who “can’t” do something . . . rather it is done by those who want to achieve a level of success in something that is head and shoulders above that which they can reach on their own. For instance, most people who use personal trainers know “how” to lift weights, but they choose to utilize a personal trainer so that they can improve their strength level faster and far beyond that which they could on their own.

Think for a second how you felt the last time you were in love. How did you feel? Now think about how you feel now trying to buy love. What type of women are you actually getting, and are you feeling the things you felt before when you were really in love?

I’ve spent more than ten years working with “look at me’s” and every one of them is happier now then they’ve ever been before. In order to become successful in business you have to hire people to help with your success. Isn’t it time you do a personal evaluation and realize that the “look at me” routine will not bring you real love. I am opening up a few coaching slots for men and women like you. I only work with a few people at a time because I like to give the one-on-one personal attention that each unique individual needs. I’m here if you need me.