There is something in the air that seems to be going around everywhere from Michigan to Los Angeles. From the city of Detroit to the Paris Hilton/Perez Hilton world of the make believe, the city of Los Angeles and Detroit seem to have no follow through.

What is up with the men who come on really strong with the text messaging, but then once the hot, sexy action by the side of the car happens they become all indifferent? Two women that I’m friends with had the same experience this weekend.

One met a guy on the third of July, and immediately he was complimenting her on how sexy she was and how much he wanted her. They spent the next seven days seducing each other via one, two and even four hour text sessions. This man was perfect in every way. He gave great text…but no phone call.

So finally they get together on Thursday night, and the date is hot. They connect on all levels. They head up to Inspiration Point which, by the way, is a Los Angeles landmark (and no…Fonzie, Richie Cunningham and the cast of Happy Days are still not hanging out there!). So they’re up on Inspiration Point on Mulholland Drive, on the edge of the car, drinking a bottle of wine, and having a very sexy evening. It seems to my female friend that they’re connecting on all levels.

So, during the course of the night, she says things to him like “Let’s do this again tomorrow night.” She’s being very present and very open to what’s going on between them. He then started coming up with excuses, like “I don’t know about tomorrow night” and “Let’s see . . .” This in turn should have alerted her that this magic text man was not as open as he appeared to be.

My friend texts him the very next day. He texts back, but every time she says “Let’s talk” or “Let’s hang,” he says “Maybe Later.”

Yes, men love the chase, but here’s a woman who says “Want to join me in my bed?” This man should have chased her ass immediately over to her bed! She was like a 7-11: open 24 hours a day to all possibilities. She was also creating a lot of sexual and passionate momentum.

It’s now Monday, and he has not responded to her yet again. He’s what I call an “all text no talk momentum killer.”

In order to date, you need to be open like a 7-11. 24/7, no games, no BS. This man is like a convenience store that closes at midnight. The bottom line here is that if you’re going to date and date successfully, it really doesn’t matter what the other person does. It’s all about you being present and open to everything that happens in the moment.

My other female friend had about the same situation. So from Michigan to Los Angeles, there seem to be a lot of women who are open, present and trying to create great possibilities. Unfortunately, there seem to be a lot of man-boys running around with no follow through. Neither one of these women did anything they shouldn’t have done.

The bottom line is: If you do everything you should do and you’re 100% open, the guy you’re with may receive that energy and not have any follow through. So don’t punish anyone else for the way guys like this act and remain open. You will find the man who will receive that energy!

The same goes for men, if you like a woman and she has no follow through, its all about the follow through and the momentum.

Don’t chase the bigger better deal see what you have in front of you and play it out. You may just be surprised.

I am all about in my life playing something out and seeing what happens. My last relationship was 7 years and if I did not play it out I would have never experienced an amazing woman.

And guys, both these women are sexy, successful, and an amazing catch. Would you like to know their phone numbers? I’ll only give them out if you have follow-through . . .