In basketball, sometimes you just miss the backboard, you miss the net, and you miss the hoop. Air balls happen in basketball, and air words happen in life.

You see something, say something and no one says anything. Or maybe you go into a store and ask, “Hey, how much is this?” but everyone ignores you. Nobody hears those words. They are air words.

We’re sitting outside the market right now, and a woman just tied up her dog outside. So I made some comment like, “Hey, we won’t steal your dog,” trying to be funny, and she just said nothing. She didn’t even hear me.

In this situation, most guys will start to evaluate it and think to themselves, “Oh, I did something wrong!” But you didn’t.

If your voice tone was great, you said it with humor, and you owned the words, it doesn’t matter. They were just air words – nobody picked them up.

Not everyone is just sitting there, waiting for words to come out of your mouth. Don’t look to other people for acknowledgment or validation. Sometimes in life it’s just about trying. It’s just about the air words.

For some reason yesterdays video was the wrong one. Love technology!!

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