I want to thank you, To everyone I’ve ever coached, everyone who reads this and I want to tell you why.

There’s a phrase in life that the student is ready — when the student is ready, the teacher will show up. Thank you for letting me be there.

It’s something I’ve always believed in, it’s something that I’ve always used, and if you have been coached by me, listened to my podcast you know I don’t do a hard sales pitch at all.

I just tell you what it’s really like without all the bullshit sugar coating… what’s really going on. I tell you where you’re at in your life and I tell you what we can do together. And then I tell you I’m ready, if you’re ready. But, only if you’re really ready.

I’ve always believed that. I wont hard sell anyone into coaching, never did, because then I’ll just have a boulder that I’m needing to push up a hill and it’s just not the way. Because nobody wins in that scenario.

I have been looking and searching, probably inside and outside, for a new start.

I’ve been coaching for 20 years. I enjoy it, I love supporting and helping all of you. And I’m very selective of who I work with.

Keep that in mind as I continue to write this.

Being selective means that I’m not in it for the money. I don’t need to be a well recognized guru.

I’ve been a well recognized guru and i don’t need it. It doesn’t really matter to me. As matter of fact, I’ve got to cancel building my Instagram account, because I actually crave more privacy.

This means I’ve been looking around and putting out to the universe and asking the universe, hey I really want something different. I want something where I’m not the focal point. I want something where I’m not answering e-mails 24/7. I want something where I can be selective, work with people when I want to work with them. And I want a trade and a skill that I can have that will not go away, one I will have forever and ever and ever.

So I asked the universe for all of that. I asked the universe because that’s really, truly what I’m looking for, and what I desire, and what I want for my life.

I found it. And it feels fucking great. So thank you for joining this journey I’ve been learning the stock trading game, I have great mentors, and I’ve been being coached a lot. I get coached probably for two hours every single day.

You see, I am a believer in coaching. I tell people all the time when they buy coaching from me, I say if you can afford it, always get on the six month program with me.

That way, we can spend three days and I can coach all your bad habits out of you. I’ve been saying that for years to people, because that’s the only way that you blow through things, is that you take massive action, learn a system that works, and then take that system and literally do it yourself, day in and day out.

So I’ve been going non-stop learning charts. When you learn charts and technical analysis of stocks, you’ll be able to trade anything, it really doesn’t make a difference. It could be crypto, it could be gold, it could be silver.

It could be oil, it could be gas.

It could be stock, bonds, it doesn’t make a difference, currency.

I’m using my principles that I worked on all of you, that’s why I want to thank all of you right now.

I’m using all the principles that I’ve used on all of you.

I’m trusting the system, what I tell you guys to do all the time whenever I’m coaching you, trust my system and it will work for you.

You see, NOBODY is above learning, and expanding themselves. You must keep learning and growing.

I’m taking action, tentatively of course, at first, because will it work or not work. Then I’m learning how to take profits a little bit at a time.

That’s like asking a girl out, checking out all the signs and signals all around you. It’s because I’ve worked with all of you I’m actually learning and teaching myself, along with my great mentors — and there’s a link to one of them down below — how to trade.

And I want to thank all of you for doing that, because without your help, and without me being able to teach you, I never would have been a good student.

Now I’m this kickass, great student. And I appreciate all of you, and I still love being all of your guru, that still need coaching and help.

Contact me, I’m here for you, as always.