In order to grab a woman’s attention via a text message, you need to be quick.  Texting is a very quick way to jump into someone’s life.

What you need to realize, though, is that there’s a mindset behind good texting.  You don’t know what they’re doing, whom they are with and if they even have their phone with them at that moment.  Presuming all of those things will make your job much easier.

If you want to get a woman’s attention, your texts need to always be intriguing.  Here are nine of my favorites:

  1. “What Are You Doing right Now?”: I love that.  What are you doing right now?  What’s great about that is that it enables you to intrigue her with curiosity.  She will be curious why you are asking.  She will answer by telling you what she is doing and then asking you “Why?”  When she does, you respond with, “Just curious.  I was thinking of something . . .”  Always keep them very curious.
  2. “Got a minute?”: This is another of my favorites. I love this one because what you’re doing is
    showing her that you respect her time.  If she says yes, then you can ask her whatever question you want to ask her after that.  If she says no, you can write back and say, “Cool. No problem.  I’ll text you later.  I have something I need to ask you.”  By doing that, you will intrigue her.  Remember that it’s all about intrigue.
  3. “I Was Thinking…”: This text is the very definition of how to create intrigue.  She will not only wonder what you were thinking about, but really want to know.  Be sure to share what you’re thinking at that moment after she asks you what you were thinking (and she will ask).
  4. “Have An Idea…”: If someone texts you this, aren’t you going to wonder what their idea is?  Aren’t you going to be curious?  The key to being a good texter is write things that get people to text you back.  You don’t want to write a book, but just intrigue them enough to text you back or pick up the telephone to call you and take the conversation further.  That is why all of these texts are very simple.
  5. “You Wouldn’t Believe What Just Happened (Or What I Just Saw)”: People are very curious, and will always want to know what happened or what you saw.  If you texted, “You really wouldn’t believe it …” then the reaction would be, “Really I wouldn’t believe it? What is it?  What happened?”  Do you understand that when you’re newly dating someone and newly texting with someone, that what you’re trying to do is create flirtatious banter that goes back and forth.  So texting is about being playful.  Texting is about having fun, and texting is all about keeping it simple.
  6. “I Have Great News To Share With You”: Who doesn’t want to hear great news?  Who doesn’t want to talk to someone who has great news to share?  Who doesn’t want to hear something positive?  So this, along with all of the other suggestions in this article, are all positive, intriguing things.
  7. Bring Her Back To The First Meeting: Try writing a text that brings her back to the moment you first met her.  You could, for example, write something like this if you met her at a farmer’s market and she had recommended blueberries to you. Start out with a simple text like, “You were so right…”  She is going to want to know about what she was right.  When she texts you back and asks you, you can say “Those blueberries were amazing!”  The whole idea is to intrigue her and to grab her attention.
  8. “I Have A Question…”: This is another great text to use, especially right in the beginning when you’ve just met her. She will wonder what your question is, and she will be too curious not to ask you what it is.
  9. Bring Her Back To Her Childhood: Another type of question that will intrigue her is one that seems kind of random.  Text her something like, “Random question — What was your favorite toy as a kid? (or favorite game)”  This is the ‘getting to know you’ phase, so these curiosities about her will not only be intriguing but show real interest.

Texts should be used as just an opening to a conversation, and no differently than when you flirt with someone when you’re out and about.  You just want to say enough to intrigue her. The whole point of texting is to get a great banter started.  Send two or three texts back and forth, then do it again later in the day.  It’s about keeping each other clued in to what’s going on in your lives.  Texting should be simple, easy and fun . . . so enjoy it!