Today let’s talk about the essence of life: Happiness.

Let’s talk about it means to be happy. Let’s talk about what having an amazing life really, truly means.

1. Happiness is a choice.

Every single day you have an opportunity to choose how you’re going to feel when you wake up in the morning. When you wake in the morning and you wake alone in your bed, you have a choice to make: whether today is going to be a good day or today is going to be a bad day.

Every single day has, to me, an opportunity to go one way or another. When I wake up in the morning, I think to myself, today is another day to unwrap a magical beautiful gift called life and fully acknowledging every gift that comes in today.

I am fully embracing every gift. There’s good, bad, sad and indifference. Everything that happens to me today is going to happen because I am going to surrender and be present to every moment in my life today.

I surrender each and every moment in life and by choosing happiness at all times, you’ll be able to get through the rough moments in a day and not allow them to kick your ass and take over.

2. Happiness is not only choice, but happiness is also achieved by doing things that you like.

You need to take action in order to attract amazing people in your life. Work, play, love, friendship, the things you need. Do things that truly bring you joy.

Don’t say yes to parties or social events that don’t bring you joy.

Don’t do things that you don’t enjoy. Do things because you enjoy them, because when you enjoy doing the things you want, you’ll truly be happy. When you do things out of obligation you’re truly going to be sad.

3. A relationship is NOT the cure to happiness.

If you’re not a happy person and you’re sad, frustrated, angry, all a relationship is going to do is bring you more sadness, more frustration and more anger into your life.

They say happy people attract other happy people.

Angry people, sad, pissed off people choose and attract other angry, sad pissed off people.

So, a relationship is not the cure that’s going to make your life better. You have to make your life better first.

You have to choose a better path for your life.

4. Happiness is living your truth.

This is so easy. Because when you live your truth, you honor your self consciousness.

You honor who you are.

You’re attentive with everybody you meet.

You’ll never have to remember anything.

Liars consistently have to remember almost everything they do and their stories get crossed up non-stop. So, they’re never truly happy at all because they don’t know what they’ve said or they don’t recall exactly what they did.

Say the truth and you’ll always be happy because you’ll be in full respect of yourself and others.

5. You control your own universe, and it becomes your own universe.

This goes back almost to what I said in number one.

You can’t control or anticipate what other people may do. You just have to do what’s in alignment with who you are as a person.

You have to do what is in alignment in your integrity and your truth.

You can only control your emotions and you can only control your own actions. So if you spend time doing that instead of thinking about what other people may or may not say or do, you’ll be far more happy than anybody out there.

That’s the key to happiness in your life.