drive him wildListen carefully girls, because I’m about to uncover some very powerful sex secrets, which will drive men absolutely crazy in bed. I’m going to reveal things I love women to do to me, and other things men have confessed to loving in bed. I’m keeping nothing secret, so sit down and pay attention.

And don’t worry if you’re single. Bookmark this page for when you do meet a special man. Make sure you take notes, because the 5 simple tips I’m about to share with you, will make men feel they’re with the best lover they’ve ever had. And here’s the truth…

If a man believes you’re the best lover he’s had, he’ll never want to let you go!

To make a man want to commit to you for life, you need to rock his world in the bedroom. So, without further or do, here are 5 ways to drive men wild, and have him begging on his hands and knees for more.

1. Learn How To Sext – In order to drive a man wild with desire, you have to drive his mind wild first. Texts, or “sexts,” turn a man on more than most things you can do. Send him something hot like, “I can’t stop thinking about last night. You felt so good inside me.” Or, “I can’t wait to see you later. I’m going to be such a naughty girl with you.”

Honestly ladies, a couple of messages like that throughout his day, and by the time he gets home he’ll be desperate to tear your clothes off.

2. Tease Him, Tease Him, And Tease Him Some More – So the first thing you’ve done is send him some naughty texts during the day. Now he’s burning hot for you when he comes home, BUT, whatever you do, don’t let him have his way with you yet. You need to bring out your inner-tease now. Guys love it when you tease them. It drives us wild.

Here’s how you tease him. Men are very sensory so you need to hit as many of his senses as you can. Don’t just put on some sexy lingerie, because we’ve seen it all before. Put on one of his baggy shirts, with just a pair of panties, and no bra.

Now you want to hit his sense of smell. Wear that perfume he loves, and have a bath in some of that oil that smells beautiful on you. When he arrives home, you’re going to kiss him passionately, but before things get too hot, you’re going to whisper in his ear. Tell him what you have planned for him, and lead him to the bedroom. At this point, he’ll be just about ready to devour you whole!

3. Give Mind-Bending Blowjobs – When you go down on your man, you need to devour him like you haven’t eaten in months. This isn’t the time to be half-hearted. You have to mean it. But before you head south there’s a big mistake you need to avoid…

Some women have a bad habit of going straight from a kiss to the penis. Guys don’t like it. Don’t forget the rest of our body. Kiss our neck, chest, and back. Massage our inner-leg and tease us around the balls. The golden rule here is, don’t go anywhere near his penis until you’ve teased him for at least 10 minutes. This is also a great way to train your man how to tease, because most women I know love guys to tease them like this too!

4. The Art Of Simultaneous Sex And Blowjobs – I can’t think of anything more amazing in bed than a woman who knows how to alternate between sex and a blowjob. Here’s what you need to do. Start riding him, and just when he gets to the brink, jump off and start giving him a blowjob. When you keep alternating between blowjobs and sex, it keeps him on the edge of an absolute explosion. One thing I know I love when a woman’s going down on me is when she looks up at me. Look your man in the eyes and say to him, “I want to keep you hanging on. Tell me before you explode!”

Tease him. The more you tease him, the more his orgasm will build. No matter how much he begs you to let him go, don’t let him. It’s a great way to train him to last longer, and the longer you build his orgasm, the more powerful it will be when it comes.

5. Tell Him He’s Amazing – When it’s all said and done, it’s important you praise your man. Tell him how fantastic the sex felt. Tell him in detail what he did that felt so good to you, and tell him you can’t wait for a “second helping.”

Guys are like dogs in some ways, and we need praise. When you praise a man he’ll respond by doing everything he can to please you in return. He’ll see you as the most amazing, beautiful, sexy, lover he’s ever been with, and along with being a faithful partner, that’s what all guys really desire.

Okay, so those are 5 of my favorite ways to drive men wild. But if that’s not enough for you — if you REALLY want to become everything he desires and have him BEG for more of you, then check out my free eBook and I’ll give you 11 more of the best flirting & foreplay secrets!