Most guys have no clue how to turn a woman on.

Women are like an oven: they need to be preheated very slowly.

Here are 5 ways to get her moving towards the bedroom and away from the door:

1) All foreplay with a woman starts in her mind. If you listen to her and respond to what she is all about she will become turned on to you. Most men still don’t understand this basic principle and they keep getting in there own way. You need to develop good listening skills, stop thinking about what to say and start reacting what she said to you.

2) Her lips are all about slow contact in the beginning. She does not want you to jam your lips on hers in a Vulcan death grip. She wants you to slowly taste her lips and kiss her lips very soft at first then add some pressure once the oven heats up.

3) Her jaw was not only made for talking but it was also made for kissing. She loves when you softly kiss around her jaw line and neck. Don’t give her a tongue bath take your time exploring her jaw, neck and then work your way to her ears. When you kiss her ears don’t stick your wet tongue into her ear, she was not looking to acquire swimmers ear tonight, she desires small soft kisses around her ear and lobe.

4) Her mouth and tongue are two areas that love to be explored but not to be explored by a guided missile looking to penetrate all the areas of her mouth on its first entry. The best kissing advice is to mimic her kissing style. The next time you kiss a woman mimic her style. She goes deeper, you go deeper. She circles slow, you circle slow.

5) Don’t stop making out even when you start venturing your hand all over her body. Women love desire and crave long make out sessions so don’t make the classic man-stake and stop kissing and start doing other things.

If you want women to learn how to make a woman come back for more time and time again, you really need to master the art of verbal and slow above the head foreplay.

Women are not wired like men, so proceed slowly and you will reap the benefits.