One of the beauties of modern dating is ghosting.

We tend to reach out and text somebody. For instance, you’re texting somebody, or you’ve had the beautiful, rare experience of actually meeting them and then going out on a date.

And then they ghost you. POOF. They disappear.

Well, right now I’m going to show you how to see it before it even happens.

Here are 5 signs that you’re about to be ghosted.

#1: Their Texts Go Silent

The most simple sign that you’re going to be ghosted is when the text frequency stops.

The “good morning” texts turn into “good afternoon.”

The “good evening” texts turn into “good afternoon” the next day.

The text frequency just starts to vanish.

#2: They’re Suddenly “Busy”

Usually people come up with an excuse that they’ve been super busy, and the super busy excuse comes all of a sudden, out of nowhere.

You’ve go the text frequency going steady. You’ve seen them a couple of times. Or maybe you haven’t met them yet, but you’ve been texting each other non-stop.

Then they all of a sudden becomes super busy.

Look: nobody becomes super busy all of a sudden.

If you think about it, texting is one of the most convenient ways to stay connected to somebody. It’s so simple just to lob a text in the middle of the day, then to text in the morning or send a text at night.

You’re about to be ghosted when somebody becomes super busy because the obvious is coming.

#3: Texts Become Short, More Curt

Not as playful.

There’s no talk about getting together again.

As a matter of fact, the excuses start coming via text: oh my god, I’m so sorry I didn’t get back to you (see #2 above – super busy).

And that means that not only are they not dedicating as much time to you.

But they’re not making enough space in their head for you, either.

You’re about to get the ghost-bomb dropped on you.

#4: There’s No Future Talk Anymore

That’s a big thing.

The amazing thing about texting is the future talking.

When you’re future talking somebody via text, you’re giving them the opportunity to really understand that you guys are going to hang out.

It’s almost like dictating the relationship on a daily basis via text. Every day there’s a validation and confirmation that come through. You know you’re with somebody who actually wants to be with you and is actually looking for a relationship.

Then, all of a sudden, all future talking has stopped, and the answers, once again, are very short.

#5: All of the Above

All of the above. It’s that simple. One or two of these traits above will literally tell you that you’re about to be ghosted.

People don’t have the guts to tell somebody that they’re no longer interested. They’d rather come on too fast, and as fast as they came on, the tend to vanish just as quickly. It means that you don’t have a relationship that’s on solid ground yet.

That’s the problem when it comes down to text relationships, or going out with somebody one time.

A relationship needs to be face-to-face, voice-to-voice.

It needs to have that daily intake of one another in each other’s life.

Ghosting is one of the most popular ways to eliminate somebody from your life nowadays.

People love to ghost one another.

But being ghosted? People don’t love that.

It’s not so nice.

But when you begin to see these warning signs, you’ll know what’s coming.

You’ll be ready for it.

And you can actually find a man who’s a little more evolved and looking for love, who won’t ghost.