I’m just going to lay it on the line right now.

I’m going to tell you why bars suck, and it’s real simple.

#1: The People You Run Into

You’re always going to run into the person, or the people, especially the women, that are out there just to be an asshole to other people that night.

There’s always going to be the guy that walks over to the woman, the shy, quiet guy that walks over, and the woman absolutely laughs at him and makes him feel uncomfortable. I’ve been coaching for 20 years, I’ve witnessed this thousands and thousands of times, and it blows me away every single time.

It took guts for that guy to come over. It took nerves for him to come over. It took learning techniques for him to come over there, and there’s always the woman that has no compassion at all, and she’ll make him feel like a complete idiot.

What happens next? The poor guy shrinks back in and doesn’t do it again. A lot of women — a lot, not most, but there’s a percentage of women that have zero compassion for the poor guy that walks over there with some dumbass stupid pick-up line that he tried to learn. At least make fun of the pick-up line. At least tell him he doesn’t need to do that. Don’t sit there and cut his balls off and stuff them in a jar just so you can work out your own anger issues towards men, which leads us…

#2 The Drunken Asshole(s)

It’s usually a male. A man that walks over there and is utterly annoying. Won’t stop talking, keeps coming back, keeps bothering the same girl over and over again until finally she has to say something.

You are the utter asshole. You’re the guy that probably made the first girl in the first section actually become what she became. The woman is not interested in your beer-stinking breath, your whiskey-induced overindulged touchiness because you’ve got your limitations down, because you’re drunk, and walk away and respect what you’ve learned on the Internet.

No matter what stupid technique you think you can try, this woman is not interested in you, so leave her the hell alone.

#3: The Drunken Emotional Girl

She’s always fun go out with, a blast to talk to, and a blast to hang out with. And then as she starts to drink, her personality changes. It could be a drunken emotional guy as well; it’s a little different, because we’ll talk about him in section four, but the drunken emotional girl is absolutely annoying.

She’ll get angry if she’s not getting the attention. She’ll ruin her friends’ fun.

She’ll get angry, she’ll get pissed at men.

She’ll create some type of scene, and you’ve seen it over and over again. It’s not the first time this friend has done it, but you just think, due to your short-term memory loss, that it won’t happen ever again, which in turn it happens over and over again.

She’s not fun to be with, hang out with, and if you’re a guy that thinks he can get over on that, go ahead and take her home. What you’re going to do is wish that you could literally have an escape route or a James Bond ejector in your bed, because she’s just going to get worse. She’s going to get drunk, she’s going to get emotional, she’s going to forget what she said, and then when she sobers up, she’s going to be a nightmare, regretting everything she did the night before. Oh, drinking and bars are just so much fun, which leads us to number four.

#4: The Angry, Violent Guy

He’s always fun.

His frustrations in life, his lack of communication skills, and his utter just misconception of who he truly is, will always explode whenever he starts drinking. He’ll start getting angry and annoyed. He’ll start thinking somebody is looking or competing for a girl he’s talking to.

If he happens to be with a girl…

He’ll start thinking guys are hitting on her, and he’ll start getting violent and wanting to get into fights. He’ll also, unfortunately, might strike a woman as well. He’s the ugly violent guy, and when he drinks, all of his anger, all of his lack of communication skills, comes pouring out.

And when they do, watch out.

Because he’s the guy who causes the majority of bar fights.

He’s the guy that gets kicked out of a bar.

Oh, and he is just the utter guy that does it over and over again, so the fact is that you know that you’re friends with this guy, but yet you keep giving him another chance. Maybe he should just be dating the ugly emotional girl — the ugly drunken emotional girl from before.

This is why I stress over and over to people that, if you want to meet, do it organically, when not under the influence of alcohol, because this is something that I’ve said over and over again; when you drink, there should be a warning on the bottom of alcohol. It should say something like this:

Consumption of these substances may turn you into an emotional asshole, so be wary!