I’m going to be blunt because I know you can handle it.

I’m going to lay it on the line because I know you can handle it.

And I’m going to tell you why online dating doesn’t work.

#1: Your Mindset

I hear this from so many people: “Only good looking people succeed online. Average people don’t succeed at all.”

Well, if you think about it, most people are “average looking.”

There are just not enough models and beef cakes to go around for everybody to date.

So, most people are average looking.

Most people are, well, overweight.

Most people are not perfect (but then again, nobody is).

So the number one reason why you’re not meeting anybody is because you buy into the excuse that you’re not good looking, not tall enough, not skinny enough to succeed online.

And now all the men, or all the women, want somebody who is just perfect.

That’s mistake number one that you make.

Mistake number two is…

#2: Your Lack of Effort

It amazes me how many times I talk to a client, and I go through my “massive action, massive results” speech, and then they’ll continue with the same old low-effort mindset.

Think about it, though.

If you want a great job, you go out and you talk to every single person that you can possibly talk to so you can network and get the perfect job.

You don’t just go to apply to one job. You apply to hundreds. You go on interviews nonstop until you find the job that suits you.

And you don’t quit until you find the job that you love.

But when it comes to online dating, people will give it “the old try.”

They’ll try online dating. They’ll try app dating.

You do it for a day. You send out five e-mails, and nobody gets back to you.

So then, you quit.

If you quit and you don’t take massive results, it’s not going to work, plain and simple.

I’ve said it for years: if you’re not willing to take massive actions and get massive results, you’re never going to succeed.

I’m sorry.

Really, I’m sorry that you can’t just put out five e-mails and expect someone to get back to you.

You play the waiting game.

I never wait. When I’m on apps or online dating, I am there every single day.

I am swiping.

I am texting two little responses to try to get somebody to respond back.

I’m writing 10 to 15 e-mails a day because I know that this isn’t a personal game, which leads us to number three.

#3: You Take It So Personally

Stop being so weak.

Stop taking dating so personally.

I don’t care if someone doesn’t get back to me. I don’t create a fantasy around somebody’s profile or pictures that they’re this perfect person for me.

I give them the opportunity to get back to me. If they chose not to, that’s what life is all about.

They make a choice. But I do not stop and I do not quit like all the rest of you do.

I keep at it because I know that there’s a magic formula:

Massive action, massive results.

The more women that I contact online, the greater chance somebody is going to get back to me.

And when they do get back to me, I capitalize right away. I immediately e-mail and text them back.

That way, we can keep the momentum flowing, which leads us to number four.

#4: You Don’t Keep the Momentum Going

Don’t stop the momentum.

Don’t play a game.

You finally got a response, respond back. Set the date up and go out with them.

Don’t waste time on the phone. Commit to the process people.

You commit to the process people, it’s going to work. It always works.

But the problem is it doesn’t work because you’re not taking massive action and massive results, and you’re taking this all so personally.

Trying something for a day or two doesn’t work because if love was so easy, everybody would do it for a day or two, everybody would meet and everything would work out.

So get some thick skin around things and just start to open yourself up and take massive action, and massive results. And watch how much it changes for you.

If not, continue to make those excuses that it just doesn’t work.

It does. It works. You just have to commit.