So, you’ve been out on a date with this amazing man.  You’re actually thinking that this might be the guy you want to start having some great sex with.  You haven’t had sex in a while.  You especially haven’t had great sex in a while, and you truly believe that this is the guy that is going to break that dry spell.

There was something different about him, something unique about him, something that made you feel like a beautiful, sexy woman again.

The only problem is you went out with him and few times and now he’s not calling you back.  And you can’t believe it.  You thought there was just this incredible chemistry.  You’re thinking, “What did I do wrong?”

Here’s the deal:  what you’re ‘doing wrong’ right now is you’re obsessing.  And let’s talk a little bit about that.  Whenever you sit around and you obsess about a man not calling you back, basically what you’re doing is you’re telling the universe that you’re not worthy of a great man.

You’re driving your friends up the wall when you do that.  They don’t want to hear it anymore.  They don’t know why he hasn’t called you back.  They have no clue at all why this man has not called you back.  You go through this ridiculous session with them saying, “Do you think I said this wrong or that wrong?”  And you obsess about it.  You actually get them to give you their opinion on why he hasn’t called back, but yet nobody seems to know him but you.

So how do you get him to call you back?

3 steps:

Step one: Stop obsessing and call him and leave him a tantalizing little message.  “Hey, been thinking about you.  How are you?  Where did you disappear off to?”  That’s it.

Step two: If you’re too afraid to do that on a phone call, text him.  It’s the exact same thing.  “Hey, you.  Where did you disappear?  Did aliens abduct you?  Give me a call.”  It’s about just being fun and it’s about being clever.

Step three: If he doesn’t respond to your text or he doesn’t respond to your phone call, forget about him.

Here’s the deal:  if a guy hasn’t called you back in a few days after a great date and you keep thinking about him even if he doesn’t return your texts, then you’re obsessing about him for way too long.  And if you obsess about him for way too long, you’re going to turn the energy off for meeting other men.  You’re giving your power away to a guy that doesn’t deserve the the gift of who you are.

I don’t care if you think you had great chemistry. It doesn’t matter what you said on that date.  It’s not one thing you said or another thing.  You know what it is?  It just didn’t work out.  He made a choice not to pursue it anymore and you need to be okay with that.

You’re a beautiful, incredible, amazing woman and you deserve better. Open up your eyes and go meet another guy. If you’re obsessed with a guy, your eyes aren’t open, and you’ll miss the next great guy who is right around the corner because you’re too busy thinking about a guy that doesn’t deserve your attention.

Love yourself.