There she is; a beautiful woman standing there. Ahh, you’re already fantasizing about her in your mind. “If only I had the guts to approach women like this.” You think to yourself.

“If I could just approach this woman my life would be so much better.  I can see us walking around hand in hand, and hanging out together.” You say. You’re already living the relationship in your head.  

Come on now, admit it…

When you see a woman you’re really attracted to, you know damn well you’re thinking about the date before you’ve even opened your mouth. You’re already sleeping with her before you’ve even heard her speak. You don’t even know what she sounds like!

And that’s the biggest mistake. You’re putting too much pressure on yourself before you get anywhere near her. Take a break, relax, and listen to what I’m about to share with you.  Here are three key things you must know before approaching women.

1. 95% of the women you approach you will never ever see again. It really is a numbers game. Life is all about playing the percentages.  If you think about it approaching women is no different to a major league baseball player trying to hit a baseball.  

It’s no different to a quarterback trying to hit the open receiver on a football field.

And it’s no different to a salesman trying to go and get a sale.

The guys who are most successful at meeting women are the ones who understand every woman you approach is just a lead. She’s nothing more than a prospective date. She’ll either want to meet you, or she’ll brush you off. You might even find she’s pretty cool and you want to become friends.

She’s just a lead. You need to think about it in sales terms. You have no idea what she’s like. Once you start talking to her you might find she’s totally boring. Keep that in your mind and you won’t give away your power to her. It makes it so much easier to approach women when you take the pressure of yourself.

Here’s the thing…

In life we probably won’t relate with most the people we meet, regardless of whether they’re men or women. It’s just the way life is. We can’t like and get on with everybody. So practice that mindset and you’re less likely to freak out when you see a beautiful woman.

2.  Taking mindset just a little bit further…

When you’re approaching a woman you need to realize you’re something special. You’re the great guy that she’s been looking for. You’re the one that’s going to rock her world sexually. As a matter of fact, you’re her dream man.  You’re the guy that’s going to make her give up every other guy out there.

Get what I’m saying here?

Life is 100% mindset, and that’s all.  Take a look at the NFL. Look at all the players who really have marginal talent, and went on to have an amazing career because they worked really hard at what they did.  And that brings us to our third point.

3.  You must believe in yourself.  You must be able to combine the first two tips and really start to understand you are an amazing guy. Remember you’re not going to connect with everyone you meet, and that a lot of the women you approach you’ll never see again. And lastly you need to put the work in.

You need to become a great communicator. You’ve got to practice how to approach women. And you’ve got to practice saying “Hi” and “Let me take your number.”

Don’t worry if you’re not good at this stuff now. It takes time, effort, and practice to become a confident communicator. You need to evolve. Remember how in the old days Batman and Robin used to wear crappy looking tights and go “Kapow” and “Ka-Boom” when they hit someone?

It’s a far cry from the Batman we see today with Christian Bale in the modern high-tech outfit, and husky grumble in his voice. Follow these 3 tips and it won’t be long before you’re confidentially approaching women like your very own modern day Batman!