is she flirtingHow many times have you been out with a woman, had a great conversation, thought everything was going great, and when you finally asked her out, she blew you off?

You walk away so frustrated because you thought she was into you. You’re so mad about the whole thing, all you can do is mutter, “Fucking bitch” under your breath.

The thing is, you just ran into a friendly girl.

Well here’s the thing my friend. First, calling a woman ‘a bitch’ isn’t advised. Actually, she wasn’t being bitchy at all. To be honest you should be glad she was being friendly to you at all. You should look at it as a confidence building interaction instead of being frustrated this “dream woman” isn’t going out with you.

I’m going to break down a few signs for you so you can tell when a woman is just being friendly, rather than flirting with you. Hopefully, you’ll start to read the signs yourself and you won’t get too into your head. I want you to go out here, flirt, and talk to women whatever the outcome is.

So here are 3 signs she’s not flirting with you…

1. She Keeps a Couple Of Arms Distance Away

Even though she’s talking to you – and this is really important, a woman who IS flirting with you will immediately go into your personal space. She wants to be next to you. It’s a primal thing. She wants to feel your energy. If a woman is just being friendly, she’ll stay an arm or two length away from you.

She’s not interested in you in a physical way. If she doesn’t move closer to you during the conversation it means she’s just interested in you as a person, or she’s just being friendly.

2. There’s No Touch

When a woman is interested in you, she’ll touch you. She’ll touch your arm or she’ll touch your shoulder. Some way, she’ll break your personal space. If a woman is being friendly, most will not touch.

3. She’s Joining In With Your Small Talk

Nothing drives a woman crazier than small talk. I call it “Small Talks-Ville.” They get so bored when a guy goes over and gets stuck in ‘opener land’ for the whole conversation. He’ll go over to her in a sushi bar and say something like, “I see you like sushi. I do too.” Then for the next 10 minutes he’ll chat to her about the difference between white and brown rice.

Most the time she’ll just nod, agree, and join in a little with your small talk, but some guys make the mistake of thinking this shows she’s interested. She’d probably rather watch the NFL than be with you even though she hates it!

A woman who’s flirting with you is asking questions about you personally. She wants to know who you are. She’s smiling. She’s engaged with you. Women who flirt tend to smile at you. And they compliment.

If you’re just talking about the weather, or whether white rice is better than brown rice, she definitely doesn’t want to go on a date and repeat that ridiculously boring conversation again and again.

It’s really simple but here it is, (and this will drive you guys nuts)…

There’s a big but in all this…

Some women just suck at flirting. So if you’re talking to a woman and you’re not sure how she feels, just ask her out because you never know. Even if you just bored her talking about white rice, even if she wasn’t breaking your personal space, she might just be shy.

Get her number and send her a text. If she doesn’t respond, there’s your answer. Don’t get pissed. Don’t get angry. Don’t go into little baby mode. Don’t say, “This doesn’t work, I’m not talking to women again.”

Realize the more you do something, the better you get at it. And don’t forget the power of SW SW SW = Some will, some won’t, so what!