What you’re about to read might shock you.

It’s not that I don’t like online dating. It’s not as if I haven’t met some amazing women online dating. It’s not that you can’t meet Mr. Right and fall in love in online dating, BUT, I’m about to share 3 reasons why you need to stop online dating NOW!

Now don’t worry. I’m not telling you to quit forever. This isn’t like quitting cigarettes, booze, or coffee, but it may be tough to curb your “addiction.”

What I want you to do is to stop online dating for a SHORT period of time. Here’s why…

It Gets Frustrating

You’ve met tons of men. You’ve rejected hundreds of losers. You’ve been on some good dates. You’ve been on some terrible dates. I get it. After a while, it gets frustrating. You do all this work on yourself, and spent time meeting all these men, and still you don’t get anywhere.

The more you do something without success, the more frustrating it can get. The more disheartened you get, and the more bad decisions you make. Give yourself a break to reboot your system. It’s a challenge I think will be really good for you. It will give you a chance to focus on becoming more emotionally available.

There Are Men Everywhere

Summer is right around the corner. People are out and about doing things. Online dating sites give you the impression there are thousands of men around, but when you narrow down the men you WOULD date, the pool isn’t as big as you think.

Right now, men are out there in coffee shops, on the beach, in the malls, in bookstores, and they want to meet you.

Get out there and meet someone organically. Online dating is a great vehicle to meet men, but it’s not the only one.

You Get Instant Results

When you meet a man online you email back and forth, you read his profile a hundred times creating a fantasy about who he is. You talk on the phone for weeks. You text back and forth, and finally after a month or two you meet and realize you have no chemistry.

All that time you wasted with a man you were never going to connect with. When you meet someone face to face you sense that spark and energy right away. If there’s chemistry, you feel it. If there isn’t, you feel it too!

That’s something you just can’t get online!

Today’s video breaks down what I want you to do instead of online dating. There are a couple of challenges in there, and I want you all to join your girlfriends together and literally do this as one. Support one another, because I know online dating gives you an illusion that there are lots of men out there, but if you just use some of the small little tips I show you in the video, you’re going to realize that there are great men everywhere.

Check it out, and share it please with all the women that you know so they in turn start to date better online AND offline!