stop making excusesFirst off, I want to be blunt about what you’re about to read. I’m going to hammer all of you that are full of excuses. For those of you that are in a relationship, I’d like you to do me a favor. I’d like you to pass this article on to any one of your friends who constantly complains about their dating life to you. This article is going to help them grow and also take the pressure off you as their therapist.

This article is for anybody that complains about being single. Do you want to know what made me write this?

When I do my writing, I dictate. I dictate as I drive. Today I was leaving Beverly Hills, I saw a very chunky woman making out with this really skinny, good-looking guy. And I thought, man, so many women complain about their body. So many women complain there are no good men out there. Here’s this woman who is obviously overweight, sucking face with a decent looking, skinny guy.

That’s the biggest excuse women make. They make excuses because of their body type, that no men are going to be to be attracted to them. Which I think is a bunch of hogwash. It’s an excuse. Which leads us to step two. Number two. You’re never going to be a super model. You’re never going to have a super model body. Stop comparing yourself to actors and celebrities and start to realize that it’s not about your body.

A lot of women make endless excuses about themselves and why they can’t meet somebody. It’s because of their body, their hair, their clothes, their personality, their age. Which leads me to my favorite excuse; there are no men who want to date in your age range. These are all lies we tell ourselves to stop us from actually going out there and doing it. So we don’t have to be vulnerable.

In order to go and meet somebody, it takes energy and effort. When we put ourselves out there, we become vulnerable. I know it takes courage to be vulnerable. But you have to take a risk, if you want the reward. No more excuses.  I’d like you to please pass this along to anybody you know that needs a little tough love. Life is all mindset. You have to choose to make the most of it. Be brave, take a risk.