Hello, my amazing community of men and women. Today I’m feeling pretty grateful. Grateful to have all of you in my life, whether you’re someone I coach, someone who’s bought my programs, or just someone who leaves snarky comments on my blog/Facebook/YouTube. Yep, I’m killing you with kindness, so I’m grateful for you, you beautiful soul.

So today I thought I’d do something fun. No dating advice or life advice, strictly speaking, but just 19 things you may not know about me. Because I want you to get to know me, and I want to get to know you.

So here we go.

#1: My phone is always on vibrate.

I don’t believe in triggering other people into thinking their phone rang or their text rang.

Nobody’s important enough to hear everybody’s phone ring, so mine is on vibrate. I prefer to be stealth in life, than to make a used entrance with my electronic devices.

#2: I turn off all notifications on my phone.

Except for texting and phone.

I don’t need to know when a new e-mail comes in.

I don’t need to know when somebody “liked” something I posted on Instagram or Facebook.

I prefer to stay present, and enjoy the life that is being presented to me, than be interrupted by other people’s nonsense on social media.

#3: I’m slightly neurotic.

I hate going to the doctor, and when I do, I always hope that everything comes out all right. Even though I’m a health nut and take great care of myself, the most nervous day of the year for me is physical day. Oh my God! Are they going to find something?

It all goes back to my Jewish upbringing, and my Jewish grandmother, and my Jewish mother. They were always neurotic, and always nursing some type of cold or flu back to health. So, it’s my programming. I own it, I deal with it, and I understand it.

#4: I know my stories, I know my shit, and I understand my loops and triggers.

So, when they come up I take care of them, or I go to my circle of influence, my great friends, and I get the answers that I need to help me through a situation.

#5: The magic four letter word is help.

I don’t claim to know everything.

My job is to help people in life, help them become better, give them answers, inspire them, make them better communicators, better people, better lovers, better boyfriends, better girlfriends, and just better overall people.

But, sometimes I need some help.

So, when I don’t know something, I will always look in my circle of influence and find the answer that I can’t answer on my own.

#6: I have the most amazing friends.

The five guys that I talk to on a regular basis are absolutely the most amazing human beings that I’ve ever met in my entire life. And I am always there for them, as they are for me. We have friendships that, to me, are more important than anything in the world. So, I value my friendships.

#7: You’ll never really hear my daughter’s name anywhere, but I have the most amazing, beautiful little girl that has taught me some of life’s most valuable lessons.

Every minute that I’m with her, I cherish. Every minute that I’m with her, I try to remain 100% present to what we’re doing.

Yes, modern life distractions, vibration of the phone will sometimes catch my attention. But I try to make it a minimum, because my time with her is so precious, that when she gets older, I want her to say, you know my dad always paid a lot of attention to me, because I know that the relationship she has with me is going to definitely reflect the relationship she has with men in the future.

So, I want to make sure that she knows how beautiful, how loved, and amazing it is to be around her.

#8: I’m very, very headstrong when I’m right.

I may not always be right, but when I am right, and when I’ve proven it with facts, and other things, I’m not backing down.

I will not back down from truth, and I will not tell a lie.

Sounds like Johnny Appleseed.

But I truly believe that people who lie, are people that continually need to remember things, because each lie literally stacks upon the next lie. So when you’re dealing with a liar, they will just lie to get out of a lie, to create another story.

I learned through life that it is better to take full responsibility, whether you’re right or wrong, than it is to lie about something. When you’re right, you’re right and you own it. When you’re wrong, you’re wrong, and you own it.

#9: I don’t drink alcohol, nor do I really enjoy being around people who do.

I don’t drink because I have/had a problem with it. I stopped drinking because I wanted to stop doing stupid things in my life.

I’m kind of a wild child, free spirit. So, when I drank, I tended to act upon the impulses. I’ll leave the rest up to you, with your imagination. So, I stopped drinking because I didn’t really enjoy going out of my alter personality. And I don’t enjoy really being around people who drink a lot.

And I especially don’t like being around women who drink wine, because a lot will then they change under the influence of wine. I prefer to live my life clear headed, day to day.

#10: I love fitness and health

I truly believe you’re given one body, so why are you ever going to abuse that opportunity to take good care of your body.

I work out every single day, whether it’s weights, whether it’s just cardio, whether it’s stretching. I will do something physical for my body every single day.

Fitness and health is really, super important to me. I don’t give in to my cravings. I create new cravings that are actually healthy for me, new foods that actually benefit me and eliminate the ones that don’t. It’s really that simple. It’s called abundance with health, abundance with food. Whether you’re addicted to sugar, there’s other sugars you can

You can always find a replacement food that benefits you, so dig deeper. Don’t live with excuses. If you want to be something spectacular, be it. If you want to be in great shape, be it. There’s so much information of value available to us nowadays that you don’t need to live with excuses.

# 11: I’m a wild-child free spirit.

I like to do things at my own pace. I like to explain that to people, and I value my freedom. Even when I’m in a relationship, I like to vanish for a week by myself. It’s healthy for me.

I am absolutely present when I’m with somebody, whether it’s my daughter, whether it’s my friends, whether it’s somebody I’m dating. But when I’m not with them, I’m absolutely present in David world.

David world is a place where I can recharge my batteries and literally regenerate my soul. So it’s sometimes difficult for somebody to date me because they take it so personally when, in reality, they need to understand that. If you understand what being a wild child is being all about a gypsy free spirit, then you’ll understand where I’m coming from, which leads to number 12.

#12: When I travel, I like to be very spontaneous.

I do what I’m in the mood for, because I tend to live life minute by minute, second by second, so I tend to not book a hotel until, well, sometimes, and the Uber ride to the downtown area or the beach where I’m staying at.

#13: I like deals.

I don’t believe in paying full retail for anything. So you’ll find me poking around at night on eBay. You’ll find me poking around on Amazon, checking out when price drops.

You’ll find me negotiating car deals for a month and a half just to save $20 because I enjoy the game and the art of negotiation. It’s fun to me, and it’s something I teach everything in my teachings, how to negotiate and win in life.

#14: I’m very much into creating my own look and my own image.

So, you’ll see me on eBay at night, poking around at vintage clothes.

I truly believe that our own personal brand is extremely important to us, so why dress and be like everybody else? Craft your own image.

It’s one of the amazing things that I love to do when I work one-on-one with somebody is actually crafting their unique image, literally creating their own personal brand so they stand out from all the rest. Life is about being, well, artistic, and I certainly have that artistic spirit.

#15: I’m not highly organized.

So I tend to hire people who are more organized than me. But unfortunately, I tend to hire the wrong people quite often, so I tend to get people that frustrate me. So, if you’re highly organized and you’re absolutely amazing at creating systems and marketing and other things, who knows, maybe we should talk in the future.

#16: My mantra is, “Don’t take life for granted.”

So, every day I wake up and I say to myself, thank you for another amazing beautiful gift today called life. So, I’m going to go out today and I’m going to find the gifts that are lined up for me. So, if I have a conversation or two that isn’t fun, or I have some work stuff that I don’t enjoy,

I always know that there’s a gift waiting for me every single day to unwrap. It’s how I live my life.

#17: I read all my e-mails.

I may not respond, but I read every e-mail that I get, because I want to know what you’re all about. I want to know where you are, what you’re doing in your life, and what pressing needs in the world of social consciousness and social strategy that you’re looking to improve upon.

#18: I’m more of a prove-it person.

To me, talk bores me.

People talk and talk and talk and I hear it all day long, but I’m an action person. Words must match actions. So when you have a relationship with me, whether it’s business, personal, or whatever it might be, the words are not as important as the actions.

I love the words, because I’m a words of affirmation guy according to the five love languages, but to me it’s all about actions. I look for discrepancies from your words to your actions. So when someone’s working for me, I like to do a prove it deal. Prove it. Show me. Show me money. Show me success. Show me new systems. Show me things to do.

Don’t just talk. Talk puts me to sleep.

#19: I’m kind of a loaner.

I’m a complete extrovert, but I strongly like to also go inward. So there are days you’ll see me talking to people all day long. Connecting. Having fun.

And there are other days when I just stay in my house. Literally all day long. And do absolutely nothing, but whatever I feel. I need to recharge my batteries all the time.