Do you ever wake up in the morning and you’re just tired? Let me tell you about the #1 reason this probably is…

You can’t figure out why because you haven’t really done much of anything. You’ve woken up, you’ve stimulated your brain and body with some caffeine. You got yourself to work, you had your usual work day.

But yet, you’re tired, always.

You can’t seem to get motivated after a day at work. You want to go work out, but you’re too tired to work out, so you get to the sofa and you use the old excuse I’m just going to lay down for a few minutes.

A few minutes becomes an hour, an hour becomes two hours and two hours becomes, I’ll do it tomorrow.

This happens to people over and over again.

Eventually what happens is the tiredness turns into fat, the fat turns into lethargy, the lethargy turns into more fat and the next thing you know you don’t really like where you’re at, you’ve gained 20 pounds, you’re really tired now and the next thing that happens is you start to get motivated again to go work out..

So how do we break this cycle? How do we break this cycle? Well first off:

The reason why you’re tired is because you’re not releasing endorphins, you’re not working out. You’re not doing any exercise. Exercise releases endorphins and makes you feel really amazing.

That’s what it does. It makes you feel really good. Actually exercise makes you feel great. It allows you to break of that cycle of becoming lazy and then the next week’s syndrome just stops over and over again.

That’s the solution, when you start working out and you work out on a daily basis you will no longer feel tired because you’re going to start to feel inspired.

You’re releasing endorphins and when you release endorphins you start to feel really good, your body starts to respond to you working out. Your body responds to you feeling good. Your body responds to the exercise and when it responds to the exercise you start to feel energetic, you start to feel good about life, your body feels good, you feel more connected to things, you feel more connected to yourself.

So the next time you’re really tired, get to the gym and exercise, do this for a week or two and watch your energy level rise.