If you doubt the universe, let me explain to you why that might the biggest mistake you’ll ever make.

The universe is always watching.

Let me tell you a little story.

Recently, somebody I know has been dealing with one of the most dishonest people I have ever heard about. Shared a story with me.

They’ve been battling with this person over money, which is what 99% of the battles in life are over when you think about it.

The honest person, my friend, was battling one of the most dishonest, lazy, greedy, un-appreciative people that I’ve heard of in my entire life.

I’d love to mention this person by name and publicly absolutely disgrace them, so if anybody ever runs into them, they’ll know this person is not what they appear to be.

But, I promised my friend that I would not expose the person in public.

My friend always told me, as he was dealing with this dishonest person, that he believed karma/fate/the universe will catch up with this person eventually.

Apparently they were doing business together.

There was a refund check that came back.

This dishonest person cashed it for themselves. Literally signed the person’s name to the back of the check thinking they would never, ever get caught.

Well, unfortunately they got caught.

They got caught and not only had to repay the money, but they got hefty fees and a lien put on a piece of their property.

It’s amazing what people think they can get over on people.

The worst thing is that, a lot of these people who think they can get over on others have kids. And that is what you’re teaching your children.

Hey little boy and little girl, let me teach you what a scumbag mommy or daddy is.

Let me teach you how to get over on people.

Because somebody taught this dishonest person how to get over on people.

Usually, a person like that has always believed that they have everything coming to them.

They truly believe it.

They truly believe that they’ve got everything coming to them. The world owes them things.

They don’t need to work. They don’t need to do what other people do.

They can just continue to get over on people.

I’ve seen many people like this throughout my lifetime, and I’ve seen most of them fall.

I remember years ago I was dealing with somebody named Gerrard.

It was in a business dealing. He got over on me and stole $70k. This was in the mid to late 90’s. I went to an attorney and we talked at length.

I decided not to chase him. I decided to let the $70,000 go.

I figured it would have cost me probably $70,000 just to chase the guy to find out the money was no longer there.

About a year later, I ran in to him in a restaurant.

I saw him and in the span of a year he put on 40 pounds and looked liked he aged 25 years.

I smiled at him. He looked at me and looked down. At that moment, I realized the universe paid him back. The universe got to him because he looked liked a beaten man.

He might have gotten me for $70,000. But back to being the person I am, I let it go. I was on top of my game again and I looked healthy and amazing. He looked beaten and destroyed.

That’s what happens when you’re constantly trying to scam others.

When you scam others, eventually your bullshit will be caught up with and the universe will get even with you.

The universe is always watching.

So the next time you think you’re getting over on somebody, first off, realize you’re going to get caught.

Secondly, realize that the universe is watching. And not only are you going to get caught, but you’re going to get embarrassed and most likely your greed and your lies will actually catch up to you in ways you’re going to beg to take back.

The universe is always watching.